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100% Pure Sunflower Oil

Available in 20L or 25L

Halaal & Kosher

50% Canola & 50% Maize Oil

Available in 20L and 25L

Halaal & Kosher

100% Palm Oil

Available only in 20L

Halaal & Kosher

Any used vegetable oil we collect and reimburse the client per litre.

All the waste oil that Supa Oils receives from this outlet is used in the manufacturing of Bio-Diesel or other industrial applications such as bio-fuels. The oil collected will be used in an environmentally friendly and responsible way according to the Regulations Relating to Edible Fats and Oil (Government Notice No. R 1316 of 16 August 1996). 

Bio-diesel is an environmentally friendly fuel manufactured from vegetable oil and can be used as a replacement fuel for petroleum diesel. With your co-operation you ensure that your used oil will not go back into the human or animal food-chain. 

You are at any time welcome to visit the above mentioned facilities, namely Skoon Bio-Diesel (right next door to us) and Energy Oil, if you wish to ascertain for yourself that your oil is used in the manufacturing of Bio-diesel.