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Welcome to Supa Oils

Supa Oils has been providing consistent, quality, edible oils to the Western Cape for over 25 years. Our brand stands for quality and consistency. Supa Oils is a family owned company that supplies bulk edible cooking oil to Cape Town and surrounds. We are a green company that collects used/spent oil that is recycled to produce environmentally friendly Bio-Diesel.   


Below is a short list of the products we supply. contact us for our latest price list, or click here for more information on each product. 


100% pure triple-refined Sunflower Oil. Availible in 20 and 25 litre drums


SupaPalm is a 100% pure imported Malaysian palm oil. Available in 20 litre drums


SupaSoya is a 100% pure soya bean oil. Available in 20 and 25 litre drums.


SupaBlend is a blend of 50% canola oil and 50% maize oil. Available in 20 and 25 litre drums.


Supa Olive is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Available in 5 litre jugs.

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Consistent Quality Oils

Supa Oils has been packaging and distributing quality cooking oil to the Western Cape for the last 25 years. We supply our oil in 20 and 25 litre drums on a returnable system. Should you require greater volumes we are happy to work with you to provide the solution you need for example flow bins. Providing quality consistent oil at the most cost effective, competitive price. As we pride ourselves in our quality, we make sure that you get the best possible oil at the best possible price. You can trust that what is on the packaging and what you order is what you are getting. If it says pure  100% oil then that is what it is. If you order a blend you will get that. 

We also deliver to Cape Town, Winelands, up to Hermanus, Worcester, and the West Cost to Vredenburg. We will deliver and collect your used oil as regularly and reliably as needed. We understand the fact that your oil is an integral part of your production. Therefore we do all that we can to ensure consistent quality supply.  This service, quality, and convenience is what has made us a trusted and preferred bulk oil supplier in the Western Cape. 

We know Oil and we can advise you on the best oil for you. Let us assist you with expert advice on the correct oil for your application or use. We can also assist you with advice on the care and use of your oil to get the most efficient use from your oils. 

Our returnable drum system and the production of bio-diesel from used cooking oil forms part of our green/environmental awareness in business. 


We collect your used and spent cooking oil to be recycled into Biodiesel. Biodiesel is a clean-burning alterative fuel made from, renewable sources such as agricultural seed oil, recycled grease etc. 

Biodiesel is an oxygenated fuel and this contributes to a more complete combustion and greatly improved emissions profile. 

Biodiesel is: 

  • Renewable 
  • Non-Toxic
  • Sulphur free
  • Bio-degradable 
  • Safe to handle, transport and store. 

Biodiesel emits 80% fewer hydrocarbons, 60% less CO2 and 50% less particulate matter than petroleum diesel. 

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